How to change Smartphone font size

How to do it on Android

How to do it on Iphone

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The goals of this lesson

Learn how to enlarge all text on any smartphone


for Android users: 

  1. Open the Settings app
  2. tap on the Magnify glass on the top –
  3. Using your keyboard type “font”
  4. Tap on “font size and style”, or anything that says “font size” 
  5.   Drag the The colored circle to the right (towards the big letter) to enlarge or to the left for smaller text
  6. Finished!

for Iphone users:

  1. Open The settings app
  2. Tap on “display and brightness” 
  3. scroll Down to get to the “Text size” option and tap on it
  4. drag the white dot to the right for larger text and to the left for smaller 
  5. finished! 



Also worth knowing

Changing text size is diffrent on each device, however the concept remains the same

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