How to join a Zoom call

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The goals of this lesson

Learn to join a Zoom video meeting with either a smartphone or a computer.


  1. You’ll receive a Zoom meeting invitation through a messaging application like WhatsApp, email, or Facebook. It will look something like this:
  2. Click the link in the message. This is the blue text that begins with “https”. If more than one link appears, make sure you click the one preceded by “Join Zoom Meeting”. For example, in this invitation:

    It would be the top link.
  3.  Click the Zoom icon, that looks like this:  (a video camera)
  4. If it asks for your name, enter your name and tap on ok. (Don’t worry if this doesn’t happen.)

  5. The first time you open Zoom, it may ask for permission to access your microphone and camera. Make sure you click allow on these requests.

  6. When you see text saying something like “join via device audio”, make sure you click on it. Otherwise people won’t be able to hear you.

  7. You should now have joined the call. If people still can’t see or hear you, look out for these icons:


    • If the microphone icon says Unmute, that means you’re muted, and people can’t hear you. Click on the microphone to fix this.
    • If the camera says Start Video, that means your video is turned off, and people can’t see you. Click on the camera to fix this.
  8. To leave the meeting click on the word Leave in red letters that should appear in the upper right corner.

Also worth knowing

For calls with more than two people in them, the free version of Zoom only allows calls of up to 40 minutes. Often, people will join the same meeting again using the same link to carry on the call.

The paid version of Zoom allows longer calls of up to 24 hours.


To build your confidence, we recommend that you practice joining a Zoom meeting. Ask a friend or family member to invite you to a Zoom meeting just for practice. 

During the meeting, practice Muting and Unmuting your microphone, allowing you to speak, as explained in step 7 of the introductions given previously.

Muting can be useful if you’re in a noisy place, as it stops your background noise from disrupting the meeting.

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