12. Notification Settings

What are we going to learn?

In this lesson, we will explore what notifications are, how to open them, and how to manage them using the Notification Settings.
Notifications are alerts that appear on your phone to inform you of events, messages, or other important information.

In conclusion

here is a summary of what we learned about notifications on the iPhone:

  • Notifications are alerts that inform you of events, messages, and other important information on your phone.
  • To open a notification, go to the notification center by scrolling down from the top center of the screen and click on the notification you want to open. If there is a group of notifications, click on the group and then the specific notification.
  • To get rid of notifications, you can swipe left and select “clear” or press the “x” icon on the top left.

The final two lessons will be about making the most of what we learned.