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If you’ve planned to have a video call in the future, you can schedule it on Zoom in advance. In this lesson we’ll show you how.


How to schedule a call

  1. Find the Zoom app on your phone, the icon should look like this:   
  2. Tap on the “schedule” option (should have the number 19 on it).
  3. On the first option, fill in what you would like the meeting to be called using the keyboard that comes up when you tap meeting.
  4. Under the meetings option, you will be able to tap on the time to set the date and time (from)
  5. We recommend not changing the other options, except for clicking on: 
    1. Use personal meeting ID (tap it and it should go blue)
    2. Tapping on Meeting password and switching it to white (to turn password off)
  6. To finish press on Done on the top of the page
  7. Zoom should automatically open a window with the option to send invitations via email and texts. You might find it useful to email it to yourself, to save the invitation details for later.
  8. The next page will show the overview of the meeting: 
  9. Tap on Add Invitees (second option) and you’ll be shown the ways you can send the invite.
  10. Select Messages to text the details to any contact on your phone.
  11. To send the invite via WhatsApp tap on Copy URL.
  12. Exit the app by pressing on your home screen button.
  13. Open WhatsApp.
  14. Tap on the person that you would like to send the invite to.
  15. Long press on the box where you would normally type a message.
  16. The word Paste should show up—tap on it.
  17. The invite should come up as a message. Send it by pressing the send button (a green or blue triangle).

There were many steps to follow there, so if you got lost along the way, please feel free to reach out to us for help. You can email us at [email protected]


More information on this topic

If you’re calling more than one person, the free version of Zoom only allows calls of up to 40 minutes. Many people simply start a new call as soon as the time is up, but there is also the option of paying for the premium version, where calls can be up to 24 hours.


Find an excuse to get everyone together and schedule a meeting! Show off your new tech skills—your friends and family will be impressed.

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