Adding an alarm on your smartphone

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How to do it on Android

How to do it on Iphone

The goals of this lesson

Learn to set an alarm on your smartphone


Setting an alarm

  1. Open the “clock” app, should look like one of these icons –
  2. If you are not able to find the app it might be hiding in one of the app folders, if this still doesn’t help we advice on using the search function in the settings app – search for “Clock” 
  3. Open the clock app
  4. From the options in the app, make sure you are in “alarms” 
  5. To add a new alarm look for the “+” button or “add new alarm” and tap on it
  6. Choose the time by scrolling the hours and minutes up and down
  7. Make sure you choose the correct time (PM \ AM)
  8.  You can choose which days you would like the alarm to go off, this will create a recurring alarm on the days chosen
  9. To save the alarm tap on “save” \ “next” \ “finish”
  10. On most phones the alarm that you have added will be saved and you can switch them on and off by tapping on this button – (color means on, gray is off)

Also worth knowing

  • you can choose the tune that will be played in each alarm
  • If you decided on multiple days the alarm will recur until you decide to turn it off 
  • You can also turn off the “snooze” option by tapping on “never”


Try setting an alarm that will go off in the next couple of minutes, after gaining confidence play with the alarm settings to make sure you’ve understood the lesson 

Please dont get mad at us if you accidentally set an alarm to the middle of the night 😅 this is how we learn! 

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