4. Home Screen

What are we going to learn?

  1. Understanding the home screen and its purpose
  2. Identifying the icons at the top of the screen and their meanings
  3. Customizing the home screen by rearranging icons and creating folders

In conclusion

The home screen is the gateway to all the functions and features of your iPhone. It’s like the main hallway of your device, leading you to all the different rooms.

What do the icons on the top mean (three different things)

  1. Top left- Time
  2. Far-right- Battery status (green, orange, and red)
  3. Center right- Connectivity (my reception level)


How to customize the home screen:

  1. Hold an app icon for a few seconds
  2.  Select edit home screen
  3. Move the icons around as you wish
  4. Tap the home screen to finish editing