14. Summary

This is our last lesson in our basic iPhone course. Concluding all that we learned and summarizing take aways from the course.

13. Tips for using your iPhone

Learn how to access Control Center by swiping down from top right, return to home screen by swiping up, see all apps by slow swipe, access camera from lock screen!

12. Notification Settings

Learn how to manage and adjust notification settings to streamline your device usage and experience.

11. Connectivity Settings

Stay connected with ease on your iPhone using Connectivity Settings. Learn how to configure Wi-Fi, cellular, and other network options.

10. Accessibility Settings

Enhance your iPhone usage with Accessibility Settings. Discover how to configure options for a more accessible and enjoyable user experience.

9. Settings

Master the iPhone Settings! Explore options to customize your device, boost privacy & security, and optimize battery life and performance.

8. Introduction to Settings

Get started with your iPhone by exploring its settings! Learn how to adjust settings to personalize your device & enhance your user experience

7. Signing in

Learn the essentials of iPhone sign-in process. Discover how to keep your iphone and data safe.

6. Downloading Apps

Learn how to download and install iPhone apps from the App Store, including searching for apps, downloading, and updating.

5. Apps

Discover the world of iPhone apps and learn how to find, download, and use them to enhance your phone experience.